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$15,500 Rebate

“We used Brandell for making offers on several homes and finally purchasing our 2nd home. She made extra effort along the way to make sure that we had everything we needed and was there when a few things went not smoothly. Finally we got the house we have been looking for and at the correct market value…. actually better than market value with a bonus of it appraising for more that what we paid. But one of the best reasons to use Brandell is her policy of rebating part of her commission back to the buyers… In our case it was 2/3 of her total commission came back to us as a check 5 days after close…. it was quite a large sum and it has come in handy for buying new furniture for our new house.

Thank You Brandell for all your help — we are passing your name to all of friends and people we meet.”

Tim and Jeanette P. – Houston, TX


$9,000 Rebate

“Brandell did an excellent job negotiating for us – Her method of providing a rebate back to the buyer worked perfect for us. We couldn’t have bought our house were it not for the rebate and her excellent work. Highly recommended!”

Jerry M. – Round Rock, TX


$13,000 Rebate

“We chose to work with Brandell because she focuses on exactly on what’s most important to us in a realtor: negotiating and closing the deal. We were happy to handle most of the research finding the property ourselves, and were so happy to find such a great Realtor who offered a rebate that reflected the way people buy houses in the Internet age. We have worked with many agents in the past and never received the kind of true professionalism we received from Brandell.”

Ray and Jenni M. – Houston TX


$15,300 Rebate

“My experience with Brandell was awesome. Brandell is one of the most honest, down-to-earth, professional realtors I have ever dealt with. She was extremely knowledgeable of market values and was up-front about everything. I really appreciate her straightforward approach. Her professionalism, her knowledge of the market and her ability to deliver solutions all contributed to her selling my townhome within a month. The best part of working with Brandell was her innovative approach to the entire real estate process. She is a very smart, open-minded, hardworking lady and I would recommend her services to everyone. Working with Brandell, you will be more than satisfied!”

Ben F. – Dallas TX


$16,000 Rebate

“Working with Brandell is a no-brainer. Since almost all buyers these days go online to find homes themselves, why not do a little work on your own and get cash back? We received over $16k back at closing. Brandell is very professional, no-pressure, and brings attention to many details that most realtors would have missed. I will for sure use her in the future and recommend her to family and friends.”

Jenna A. – Austin TX


$10,500 Rebate

“My experience working with Brandell was better than I ever could have expected. When I hired Brandell I was working with time constraints that were very short. Every aspect of the sale was done professionally, from contract to closing. Brandell was always a step ahead of every aspect of the sale letting me know exactly what I needed to do at every turn. I paid half the commission I would have normally and got twice the amount of service. I have already recommended Brandell to all of my friends! I can’t say enough good things about her and the savings was really helpful too!”

James M. – Woodlands, TX


$15,000 Rebate

I’ve often heard that discount brokers give discount service but that is not true at all in our experience. We had very good experience with Brandell. I was a first time homebuyer and she basically held my hand and walked us through the entire transaction and made everything run so smoothly. Honestly, I couldn’t believe the money I saved using her. I bought all my furniture and appliances with the rebate! Thanks Brandell for making this such a good experience for me and my family.”

Ronnie F. – Houston, TX


$9,500 Rebate

“Brandell came recommended by a friend who found her through another friend. She was the third realtor we’ve worked with, and we had no idea the real estate business could be like this. Frankly, she makes the typical buying/selling process look archaic. We could not recommend her more highly. Here’s why:

We sold our townhouse and bought a single family home through Brandell and both experiences were equally impressive. First, she hired a professional photographer to take the pictures of our home. Each week she sent us automatic updates sent to us through email so we’d know how much traffic our listing had received. Though the market was a bit slow, we still had multiple showings each week, and our place sold in a little over a month. What’s amazing to me is that she charged the least of any realtor we found, AND gave us a huge rebate at closing…over $9,000! I admit, I can be a bit of a control nut, but I was more than happy to let Brandell take control when it came to negotiations on both the buying and selling side. She prides herself on knowing the market and on knowing what buyers and sellers want. Brandell is fair, professional, straight-forward, and likeable. Not a hint of a salesperson vibe. We were very impressed and will definitely use Brandell in the future and will recommend her to anyone we know who needs a great realtor!

One other aspect of the transaction that my husband and I loved was that all the document signing was done electronically, we didn’t have to print anything out. It made the process so much faster and smoother. Why don’t all brokers work this way?”

Jackson and Laura A. – Houston, TX


$13,000 Rebate

“We used Brandell to buy a house in Dallas, she was great to work with, very knowledgeable of the market, and helped us navigate a multi-offer process. Brandell’s business model, which is based on providing her client’s with a rebate based on a percentage of the sales prices, is excellent and a huge help!”

Brian G. – Dallas, TX


$20,000 Rebate

“Brandell helped us sell our house and buy our new house. Brandell hired a professional photographer who took amazing pictures of our home that really drew attention to our listing. We saved over $20,000 on both sides of the deal. Overall, we have had a very pleasant experience with her and would definitely use her again and have recommended her to all our friends.”

Jan and Jeff N. – Sugarland, TX


$11,000 Rebate

“We worked with Brandell to purchase a single family house in the Sugarland area and ultimately closed on a new construction home. Brandell stepped in on our behalf on a number of instances, and she also proved to be a very effective negotiator. Brandell responded with promptness every time it was necessary, but never put any pressure on us to make hasty decisions. Brandell also utilized state of the art technology – electronic document signing, to make the process as efficient and painless for us as possible. The cash back was icing on the cake – it was quite helpful in ofsetting some of our closing costs and in setting up our new home after closing. We would gladly recommend Brandell to anyone considering a purchase in the future!”

Fran G. – Sugarland, TX


$4,000 Rebate

“Brandell offered exactly what I was looking for in a real estate broker. I had already found the house that I was interested in and generally knew what I wanted to offer, so I just needed help with the contract, inspections, closing, etc. Brandell did just that, and I got a rebate of about $4000 back at closing. I don’t know why most people would use any other approach to real estate these days, given that buyers can do most of their own work in finding houses and research comps online themselves.

Matt B. – Pflugerville, TX


$22,000 Rebate

“As an experienced home buyer and seller, I decided that it made sense to explore my options for my next realtor when we purchased our next home. I researched online for a broker to assist me with the basics of facilitating the transaction. I interviewed several experienced realtors with different fee structures ranging from cut rate to full price. During that process, I was attracted by Brandell’s internet presence and her rebate program.
After speaking with Brandell on the phone, I decided that I would give her a try. Brandell was articulate and easy to talk to and after speaking with her I fully expected that she would be a good agent. What I did not expect was the responsiveness and accessibility that I received using Brandell – she always answers her phone, I love that!

In the past twenty years, I have bought and sold many homes. At least 8 closings and over a dozen contract negotiations. I can promise you that you will be as well placed or better placed to maximize your deal by working with Brandell as you would be with any other realtor. Why pay more when you can have a capable, experienced Realtor that just works smarter, and a little harder, than most other realtors? I would happily send my closest, least experienced friends to Brandell with confidence that they will not only get a great deal, but also that they will be well taken care of and get better representation than from most standard fee realtors. Call or Email her to see for yourself. You won’t regret it. Ask for a reference and I will gladly talk you about my recent, very pleasant experience with Brandell. She is the best!! Couldn’t be happier and we saved a TON of money that enabled us to price our home more appropriately and we got an offer within a week!”

Marilyn and Oscar T. – Houston, Texas


$16,400 Rebate

“My wife and I had a really great experience working with Brandell and we recommend her highly. I’m the first to admit that I am not the easiest client and have no problem voicing my opinions and concerns. Brandell was prepared every step of the way and always fully addressed my questions. She was so attentive to all of our needs and never ever pressured us to make any decisions that we didn’t feel comfortable making. Brandell was always prompt and responsive to all of our questions. She is very knowledgeable regarding the Texas real estate market. Also, her use of modern technology made the process seamless. Obviously, the icing on the cake was the rebate that she gave us at closing. It was so refreshing working with someone who understands that clients today do a lot of their own research and homework in buying their home. Brandell understands that concept and rewards her clients for the value that they provide during the search process. We recommend Brandell’s services and will be using her for future transactions.”

Jim and Linda B. – Houston, TX.


$22,000 Rebate

“We have worked with several Realtors and had not found one that I would recommend until I worked with Brandell. Brandell clearly has a lot of experience working in a competitive real estate market. Brandell was very professional and provided guidance as we encountered various scenarios, and went to great lengths to ensure that the process between our offers acceptance and closing all went smoothly…Brandell took the time to really get to know what we were looking for…We have referred Brandell to family members who have also used her.”

Vance and Margo W – Houston, TX.


$12,000 Rebate

“Brandell was great to work with throughout the entire home buying process. We didn’t contact her until we found a house we were really interested in, but she really committed to us from that point forward. Brandell communicated everything with us and helped manage our expectations through the process, and we always felt like she was being honest with us. Brandell asked tough questions of the inspector and others throughout the process to ensure that he was really protecting our best interests. She even helped us with ideas for our kitchen renovation. I highly recommend Brandell. She started out as our agent and ended up being our friend.”

Rex and Jennifer L. – Houston, TX.


$9,000 Savings

“Brandell is absolutely the best realtor we have ever worked with, and we have bought and sold at least a dozen properties over the years. Brandell was proactive and more involved throughout each step of the transaction than any other agent I’ve worked with. Impressive from beginning to end- the house was listed on Friday and had multiple offers on Monday. The house sold above the list price and this was during a buyer’s market!”

Larry P. – Sugar Land, TX.


$6,000 Rebate

“Brandell was a pleasure to work with; she was very patient with us as first time homebuyers and very professional and helpful. I think Brandell and her cash back at closing business model is setting the example of what real estate market services should be in the future – personalized, automated and based on a little more involvement from the client. The rebate from her commission makes a huge difference when you have to deal with closing costs at the end, but Brandell is not providing “discount” services. The rebate definitely made a big difference for us and we greatly appreciated it. All in all, we had a great experience and won’t hesitate to use Brandell again in the future.”

Brenda and John D. – Houston, TX.


$15,000 Rebate

“Brandell did a great job negotiating for us in lowering the sellers asking price. Brandell also recommended a very good and thorough home inspector. Closing went smooth and we saved ourselves a lot of cash because of Brandell and her rebate program.”

West and Jenny M. – Dallas, TX


$15,000 Rebate

“I don’t think that I’ll ever use another realtor other than Brandell again! Brandell is the most responsive and professional, real estate agent that you will meet – period. From the point that you start looking at properties until the last signature at closing, Brandell makes the whole process run smoothly. Plus, she refunds a portion of her commission to the buyer. The service that Brandell offers, combined with her fee structure, is really a huge and pleasant shift in the real estate industry. I just purchased a home, and am already looking forward to my next purchase using Brandell in a few years. Thanks Brandell!”

Jeff and Gloria M. Houston, TX


$6,000 Rebate

“Brandell provided me with excellent service and great advice. She can save you thousands on a home purchase!”

Nick J.


$19,800 Rebate

“We bought and sold a house through Brandell and would never use another agent other than her in the future. Her help, knowledge and patience were invaluable. If you are looking for a great realtor you’ve found her. I wholeheartedly recommend Brandell to anyone looking for a great agent and great savings!”

Arthur and Anne J. – Houston, TX – Austin, TX


$6,500 Rebate

“Our real estate agent Brandell at Texas Homes was excellent! We had a great experience buying our first home in Sugarland, and we will work with her again for purchases in the future.”

John and Karen L. – Sugarland, TX


$24,500 Rebate

“Brandell at Texas Homes has been my real estate agent for two home purchases in Houston over the past 10 years — the first one was a short sale and the second from a builder — and each time her work was terrific. Brandell understands the Houston market, is a great negotiator, and offers excellent value for her services.”

Asher K. – Houston, TX


$9,000 Rebate

“Quality Representation with a nice big rebate. Will definitely use her again and won’t hesitate to recommend to family and friends.”

Lauren M. – Dallas, TX


$10,000 Rebate

“While buying our first home, Brandell provided us with full service and then shared a portion of her commission with us. The rebate she gave us covered almost all our closing costs. It took us a long time to find the perfect home but Brandell remained very patient with us throughout the entire process. I will definitely use Brandell if we decide to sell our house in the future. I wouldn’t even consider using anyone else!”

Cheryl and Dan W. – Katy, TX


$15,000 Rebate

“We worked with Brandell for the purchase of a new house in Austin area and our experience has been really good. She was always available to answer any questions we had and guided us through the process. Even though we never met in person, dealing with her felt like we did. Great to work with and trustworthy.”

Jawad Shafiq


$12,000 Rebate

“I had mentioned I was in the market of buying a new home I had found on my own to my brother. I was gonna ask him If I needed to get an agent to help me with the processes of buying a new home. He quickly said, “wait you gotta check this out!” He sent me the link to Texas Homes 2.5% Rebate. I checked it out and couldn’t believe how much money I could get back. At first I was apprehensive but after speaking with Brendall she assured me that it was legit ,so I went for it. The process was so quick and easy and I got a rebate back with in days after closing. Thank God! because the wife had to buy new furniture she said I promised here in the past. Trust me this service is like a secret gem, your welcome ;)”

Travis Hernandez – San Antonio, TX


$9,000 Rebate

“Brandell was great. The process was easy and Brandell was able to answer all the questions I had. I recommend her to anyone looking at buying a new house. It was the fastest and easiest process of the whole home buying experience.”

Joshua Stan


$10,000 Rebate

“Brandell was amazing and so helpful throughout my entire home buying experience. I would not hesitate to recommend her to families and friends. Thank you!!”

J Daniels


$14,000 Rebate

“It was by chance I found Brandell and I’m so glad I did. Such an easy transaction and as a 1st time home buyer she was very quick to answer questions and put me at ease. If you are looking for a realtor, look no further, you found one!!”

John Fletcher


$13,000 Rebate

“Very transparent in terms of rebate as published. I was very comfortable working with Brandell during the whole process.”

Saurabh K. – San Francisco, CA


$15,000 Rebate

“Brandell Flores represented my daughter and I in a real estate transaction and she was always so attentive and responsive. She is truly very knowledgeable and a joy to work with!! Thanks Brandell… my daughter is loving her home!”

Sally Malone – Celina, TX


$11,000 Rebate

“Brandell is simply a pleasure to work with. She has earned my trust which is the most important thing for me. Very knowledgeable in her field with years of experience and will always give you sound advise. I will surely use her services again in the future and would highly recommend others to do the same.”



$9,000 Rebate

“One of the best realtor to work with. Always prompt to reply your text, mail or call and helpful till the closing. Got my 2.5 % check immediately without any problem .”

Kunjal Davawala


$19,000 Rebate

“Brandell did a spectacular job helping us purchase two properties in Texas. She is a fantastic communicator and replies immediately to phone calls, emails and texts. Not only did Brandell do a great job helping us get into contract and close but she helped resolve an issue with the title company after closing and she was proactive in commicating with our lender when we needed her help. If you are looking to purchase Real Estate in Texas, I highly recommend Brandell. I feel lucky to have met her and will be a lifelong client.”

Ariel P – Chicago, IL


$20,000 Rebate

“First off…a special & heartfelt thanks to Brandell Flores for guiding & being there for me throughout the house-hunting experience. Despite the challenges thrown her way by mother nature (hurricane Harvey); Brandell was exceptional and re-defined the meaning of professionalism.

I was looking for cash-back and at the same time; needed a local realtor to co-ordinate the showings & share their knowledge of the neighborhood, etc. While Brandell was in Houston; she hooked me up with local Dallas realtors to assist me with my search. With the 2% cash-back on occupied homes; I was paying $50 per showing, which was well worth it. This arrangement was unique and offered the best of both worlds that I needed so as to fit into my busy schedule along with the crazy real estate market in the Dallas metro.

It took me 9 showings before I got the house that I put an offer on (I got out-bidded on a couple of others) & it worked out really well. Also, the cash-back processing was quick and seamless after the closing.

In conclusion; I would highly recommend Brandell Flores if you are looking for your next home in Texas. She can offer a variety of options based on your specific needs and set you on your way. Thanks once again, Brandell!”

Bhavesh Patel


$17,000 Rebate

“After we found a new spec home in DFW, I was informed by the developer that I needed a realtor and that they would pay the realtor 3% plus a builder’s incentive. I asked the builder to deduct these fees from my purchase price and they said “no.” I went on-line and found Brandell Flores who offered to rebate me 2.5%. I was skeptical, however Brandell was true to her word. She supported me on the purchase agreement and after the close, she promptly reimbursed me as promised! I recommend that if you want to save some money, select Brandell as your “buyers” realtor.”

John Bay


$21,000 Rebate

“Dear Sirs, I was familiar with rebates for new home buyers who had not signed a representation agreement with a real estate broker. I researched the various real estate agents and felt that Ms. Brandell Flores and I could work well together.
I went to various new homes in new developments on my own. I was aware that the commission for a new home has 3% to the buyer’s agent if they show you new homes. I did not require this because I already knew where I wanted to live and had done my research and had identified homes I was interested in. I looked at models by myself and put Brandell down as my agent.

I had heard that when an agent gives you a rebate or discount that it results in less service. That was far from my experience with Brandell.

Brandell helped me on several issues including an exterior door in the garage that I ordered which was not installed. She helped me with the negotiation for compensation for the builder’s failure. I received a beautiful country stone garbage can enclosure that cost $1500 at no charge to me. Her advice on how to handle the matter was perfect. The builder proposed to install wooden stairs in the back of the house off a concrete porch. I was not happy with that because it looked tacky. I wanted concrete stairs which cost more. The builder put in the concrete stairs at no expense to me only because of Brandell. That cost $1000. The representation that Brandell Flores gave me in both of these matters was exemplary.

Ms. Flores was knowledgeable, responsive and informative and I am happy to recommend her to anyone considering a purchase. I will be happy to share my experience with any potential clients that would like a reference before signing up with Brandell. In my case this form of representation was a perfect solution. Ms. Flores abided by the contract. I received a check for over $9,000 which I proceeded to use to buy upgrades to make the house look perfect. Ms. Flores added the icing to my cake and new home.

Respectfully and with great thanks,

Michael D. Wiatrowski, Ph.D.
LTC, U.S. Army Retired.
Leander, Tx.”

Michael Wiatrowski


$15,000 Rebate

“I moved to the Houston area and bought a new construction home from a builder. I was being relocated and used my employers relocation services for home buying assistance. I was looking for a way to put some additional cash in my pocket since the relocation service was paying for all my closing costs. Fortunately for me, I found Brandell Flores. She was very easy to work with and registered with the relocation company in order to assist in getting my 2.5% cash rebate. There were options on how to get the money (at time of closing at title company OR mail the check later). Since the relocation company and builder were already contributing the maximum amount allowable by law towards my closing costs, I HAD to wait for the check to be mailed to me. I was worried that I might never see the money. I was mistaken. Within a week of closing I received the check in the mail. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to get free money if you are buying a new house from the builder.”



$16,000 Rebate

“Brandell Flores offers the best rebate program for Texans. This cash back program is perfect for savvy home buyers who have bought homes previously and mostly do a lot of research before calling their realtor. In my case I just needed a realtor to show me homes that I have already researched. She provides all services that you need a realtor for making the offers and for closing. My experience working with her was great and she was always very responsive to my requests. She is very knowledgeable and guided me through the whole process. And best of all I got a huge cash back a few days after my closing. Thx Adeel.”

Adeel Hasan


$18,000 Rebate

“I used this service for my new home purchase in Riverstone community, and was very surprised by the ease of the engagement and professionalism shown by my realtor (Ms. Brandell Flores). Her approach also had a personal touch in addition to her professional way of doing things. All my engagements were done through email or phone in quick time..

I would strongly recommend Brandell to anyone who wants to use this service to get back 2.5% of the realtor/agent commission back to your pocket when you need it the most, especially when you are desperate to have some additional funds while closing your house.”

Baiju Ambooken


$11,000 Rebate

“Brandell was great. The process was easy and Brandell was able to answer all the questions I had. I recommend her to anyone looking at buying a new house. It was the fastest and easiest process of the whole home buying experience.”

Joshua S. – Dallas, TX


$19,000 Rebate

“Brandell was great! You can’t beat her business model with the rebate of a portion of her fees that you get back, and the service she gives is superb as well. Brandell fought hard for us in the terms of our deal (the other realtor was being sketchy), was prompt and responsive, and was very helpful in analyzing our market. She definitely had our back. I would strongly recommend you use her if buying a house. Thank you Brandell!”

John M. – San Francisco, CA


$18,000 Rebate

“Great service from start to finish! Brandell was a moma bear when I needed her. I had some hiccups on the lender side, and it’s refreshing to work with people who know their stuff. She even taught them a few things!…lol Can’t day enough great things about her!!! Thank you!”

Sabrina V. – Austin, TX


$15,000 Rebate

“Brandell was excellent and offers a good value proposition for those buyers wanting to do some of the work. When I moved to Texas, I immediately began looking for a flat rate realtor since I had a good experience with one before. I talked with Brandell on the phone, and she was very straightforward about what she offers.

I purchased a new home from a builder and opted to get the check in the mail after to not interfere with some of the builder incentives. Within a few days of closing, I had a check for 2.5% of home price to the penny.

Do yourself a favor and give her a call!”

Rob K. – Honolulu, HI