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List Your Home for Sale With Texas Homes and Save on Both Sides of the Transaction!

Selling a home in Texas within the next year? Increase your profit by listing with Texas Homes 2.5% Rebate!!

Traditional Listing agents charge a full 6% commission (3% for the listing agent and 3% for the agent who brings the buyer, that’s the traditional set up).  Texas Homes only charges 4% to 4.5% overall for a HUGE savings of 1.5 to 2% of the sale price.  For a home priced at $400K this alone is a $6,000 Savings!  You keep the extra 1.5% in your pocket!  For homes in the $700K and over range, the discount increases to 2% (We will only charge 1% to list homes $700K and up).  This enormous savings will allow you to price your home more competitively and in doing so will ensure that your home will sell quicker!  In addition, homes listed which are priced over $400K  qualify for a free professional photo shoot and 1 hosted open house per month.  This is NOT a limited listing – This is a FULL SERVICE listing complete with professional photos and hosted open houses!

$19,000 in Savings

“Brandell is absolutely the best realtor we have ever worked with, and we have bought and sold at least a dozen properties over the years. Brandell was proactive and more involved throughout each step of the transaction than any other agent I’ve worked with. Impressive from beginning to end- the house was listed on Friday and had multiple offers on Monday. The house sold above the list price and this was during a buyer’s market!”

Larry P. – Sugar Land, TX.

Why pay ridiculous listing fees if you don’t have to? Instead, List with Texas Homes and pay only 4% to 4.5% of the sales price, which saves you 1.5 to 2% of the sale price!  If you happen to be buying another home in Texas after your property sells, you can also take advantage of our Rebate Program for Buyers and get cash back (up to 2.5% of the sale price) on your Texas home purchase! (The 2.5% rebate is reserved for new construction homes through a builder but we have a pre-owned program as well which can save you anywhere from 1 to 2% depending on price point and level of service).

Who says you can’t double dip? When you buy a NEW construction home in TX after the sale of your existing property, you will receive a full 2.5% rebate.

Take a Look at the Comparison between what a seller will pay using a traditional brokerage as opposed to SAVING BIG using Texas Homes Discounted Listing program!  Why would you pay more? 

Selling through a Traditional Brokerage
No Discount
Selling with Texas Homes Discounted Listing Program
$400,000 Home – Seller paying a standard 6% Listing fee
Seller Pays: $24,000 in Commissions to the agents (3% to listing agent and 3% to buyer’s agent)
$400,000 Home – Seller paying a reduced Listing fee of 4.5%  Seller only pays: $18,000 in Commissions to the agents (1.5% to Texas Homes  and 3% to the buyers agent)
A Savings of $6,000!!!!
And don’t forget, you get a free professional photo shoot and 1 open house per month included!
$700,000  Home – Seller paying a 6% Listing fee – Seller pays a whopping: $42,000 in Commissions to the agents (3% to listing agent and 3% to Buyers agent)  $700,000 Home – Seller paying a
reduced Listing Fee of 4% 
Seller only pays $28,000 with Texas Homes!!
A Savings of $14,000!
And free professional photo shoot and 1 open house per month!

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    3 Easy Steps to Receive Your Cash Back

    • 1 Call or register today - BEFORE you sign a contract with builder, seller or agent!

    • 2Make sure to list Brandell Flores with Equity First Realty Partners, LLC as your agent when visiting builders.

    • 3 Close on your dream home and collect your rebate! We can credit it towards your closing costs or cut you a check after closing…Your choice!